Upper » Upper School STEM: Inspiring Minds, Igniting Potential

Upper School STEM: Inspiring Minds, Igniting Potential


Embark on a thrilling scientific journey in the Upper School Science program at Good Hope Country Day School, where discovery knows no bounds. Our curriculum requires students to delve into Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, offering a rich tapestry of knowledge. Beyond the core subjects, students can explore their scientific passions through engaging electives such as Astronomy, AS-Marine Science, and Environmental Science. But the adventure doesn't stop there - Upper School Science students channel their creativity and curiosity into STEM Fair projects, competing to represent our school at the prestigious International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

During the 2023-24 school year, we introduced integrated Math in the 9th grade, laying the foundation for an enriched learning experience. The Cambridge Math Curriculum, a beacon of academic excellence, is set to expand, eventually incorporating AS-level Pure Mathematics. Currently offering a diverse range of courses from Geometry to Calculus and STATS, our program is designed to empower students with the analytical skills needed for success in the dynamic world of mathematics.

For those passionate about the digital frontier, GHCDS Upper School offers AS-Computer Science, an exciting exploration into the fundamentals of programming, data structures, systematic problem-solving, theory of computation, data representation, computer systems, computer organization, architecture, and the consequences of using computing. Join us at GHCDS, where scientific and mathematical exploration opens doors to endless possibilities and prepares students for a future of innovation and discovery.

Photos courtesy of Lindsay Kammerzelt Photography.