Upper » Upper School Humanities: Fostering Curiosity, Building Foundations

Upper School Humanities: Fostering Curiosity, Building Foundations

Humanities at GHCDS

Upper School students embark on a dynamic exploration of subjects that shape their educational journey. Our comprehensive curriculum spans seven core subjects, including English, History, Mathematics, and the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics), allowing students to build a solid foundation in diverse academic disciplines. Additionally, students enjoy the flexibility of choosing two electives from a diverse array of options, ranging from the arts to Physical Education, Psychology, and more.


Expanding Spanish Proficiency


In the Upper School, students continue their linguistic and cultural exploration in the Spanish program, reaching AS-level Spanish and earning college credit. The curriculum includes Spanish 1, 2, 3, and 4, allowing students to read, write, and speak in Spanish, complemented by classes like Caribbean Literature and Latin Dance. The Upper School experience at GHCDS is designed to be academically rigorous and culturally enriching, preparing students for global challenges.


English Excellence in Upper School


The Upper School English program at GHCDS prepares students for the Writing Intensive AS Level General Paper class in 12th grade. In 9th and 10th grades, students delve into IGCSE Language and Literature, building a foundation for studying literature and honing strong writing skills. The 11th-grade curriculum takes students on a literary expedition around the globe, exploring novels, poetry, short stories, drama, and screenplays, providing both windows and mirrors to broaden their perspectives.


Dynamic Exploration in Upper School History


The Upper School History program is a dynamic exploration starting with a comprehensive study of World History from Ancient to Modern times. Students engage with IGCSE and AS Global Perspectives in 9th and 10th grades, acquiring frameworks to interpret the global context. The journey continues with AS US History in 11th grade. Students can choose from various elective offerings, such as Psychology and World Religions, to enrich their understanding of societal structures and human behavior. The program concludes with a captivating dive into the history of the Virgin Islands in 12th grade, providing students with a profound connection to the local context.


Photos courtesy of Lindsay Kammerzelt Photography.