Special guests bring hands-on learning to Mrs. Dykstra's Zoology class

Lionfish Dissection with Michael Funk
Michael Funk from the Caribbean Oceanic Restoration and Education Foundation (CORE) introduced the students to the invasive lionfish species. He detailed their impact on the Caribbean ecosystem, their behaviors, and anatomical features. Students participated in dissecting the lionfish, identifying internal structures, and discovering several fish inside their stomachs. They collected data including the mass, sex, and length of the lionfish, as well as the types of food items found.
Boa Constrictors with Dr. William Coles
Dr. William Coles from St. Croix Snakes brought several snake specimens to the classroom. He provided an informative session on the history and impact of the boa constrictor on St. Croix, highlighting both general snake characteristics and features specific to boas. Lower School students also joined in, getting the chance to touch a live snake and feel its scales. Dr. Coles performed a necropsy on a recently deceased snake, where zoology students observed the stomach contents and guessed that the remains were of an iguana.
We are grateful to Mr. Funk and Dr. Coles for sharing their expertise and enriching our students' learning experience!