Middle » Summer Reading & 2024-25 Supply Lists

Summer Reading & 2024-25 Supply Lists

All Classes:
There will be a  school-issued planner 
1 pencil pouch
Black and blue pens including one fine-tipped black pen
Ample supply of loose leaf paper for core classes-hole reinforced suggested
Ample supply #2 pencils 
Highlighters - at least four different colors
2 red/green/purple correcting pens
1 large eraser
Colored pencils
1 box tissues and disinfecting wipes
Language Arts:
2-Single subject notebooks (dedicated for English, College Rule) 
The Elements of Style - 1
Black pens with grip (G2 or similar) 
Novels (paid for at registration)
Social Studies:
1 3-prong pocket folder (blue)
One 1-inch three-ring binder
Composition notebook (blue)
1 pack of dividers
Graph notebook
Basic calculator
Pocket folder (red)
1 sturdy pocket folder (green)
Composition notebook (green)
1 Posterboard for STEM fair 
1-Border for STEM fair board 
Composition notebook for STEM fair 
Compass (metal, not plastic) - 1
1 3-prong pocket folder (yellow)
Composition notebook (any color)
Workbook (paid for at registration)

Concert band instrument
1- 3 prong pocket folder with 10 clear plastic sheets (Band)
 Yamaha Lesson Book 2 for your instrument (This may be purchased from the school during band from the music teacher.)
Tennis shoes, shorts, and water bottle
One P.E. shirt (paid for at registration)

1 sketchbook no smaller than 8½” x11”
2 HB or #2 Pencils, and one eraser
One fine point black marker or pen  
* Make sure to have extra supplies at home (ruler, pencils, markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, etc.)